The following letter was sent to Carla Boone who is a member of "six for Justice" a coalition of Plaintiff's

who had their cases dismissed in summary judgement  James Damiano is a member of the coalition  along

with Gregory Hudson and three other plaintiff's. The cases are pending investigation

                                                                    April 23, 2012

U. S. Department of Justice
Mail Referral Unit
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Re: DOJ Case No. 2462370

To Whom It May Concern:

         My name is James Damiano and for over sixteen years I have been fighting in federal court to retain the
rights to my Intellectual Property from Bob Dylan for the theft of my entire song catalog, which has taken
thirty-seven years of my life to write. This catalog, in the hands of the right people, could be worth close to a half
a billion dollars. That should set the facts straight.

         On June 16, 2009 the following letter was sent to Bob Dylan's Attorney Orin Snyder written by James
Damiano's Attorney Robert Church, regarding boxes of James Damiano's songs produced to Orin Snyder during
discovery. There were approximately fifteen to twenty-five boxes filled with anywhere from 200 to 400 finished
and unfinished songs in each box - thirty seven years of writing - that were never returned.

        Dear Mr. Snyder:

        I have one other matter. Mr. Damiano informs me that Steven Kramer (James Damiano's lead attorney)
        had several boxes of songs delivered to Parcher & Hayes during the discovery phase of his case against
        Dylan. Mr. Kramer never made copies of the documents, since I am presuming he felt pressed to comply
        with an overdue discovery request. Mr. Damiano informs me that he has never had all the original songs
        returned to his possession, even though the case is over. If you don't mind, please explain what you can
        recall about Mr. Damiano's song production. Do you still have songs unaccounted for? Can they be


        Robert Church

        Attached is a copy of my DVD detailing the allegations of theft leveled against Mr. Dylan in addition to
the similar allegations of judicial corruption filed by 5forJustice now 6forJustice.

       This DVD includes Bob Dylan's publicist's  testimony when asked "Have you ever lied to James
Damiano? Everyone I know that has seen this testimony believed it to be nothing less than shocking?

         The enclosed DVD only supplies a small proportion of the actual amount of testimony that implicates
not only Bob Dylan aka Robert Zimmerman but also Judge Simandle for aiding in Bob Dylan's Stealing of James
Damiano's songs. There is another thirty four hours of testimony which I would be happy to produce upon

          Please Note: Judge Simandle's rulings are a hundred percent inconsistent with the facts of this
case. The DOJ is well aware that this case was illegally dismissed as per Rule 56 ( c ) of the Federal Rules of
Civil Procedure. You know, Law 101?

         Over seven years ago the following statement was downloaded by Bob Dylan's  attorney Orin Snyder and
produced to the court yet never contested or denied either publicly or judicially. It was then downloaded two
more times and produced to Judge Simandle without being denied or contested and now rests within the docket of
the court.

       It is judicially uncontested that Bob Dylan and people in Bob Dylan's entourage have solicited songs
       written by James Damiano for a period of over ten years and eleven months

         Another shocking fact in this case is Bob Dylan was subpoenaed to court and never appeared. Bob Dylan
has never produced an affidavit of denial regarding the facts and allegations produced in the complaint and or
during discovery. It appears Bob Dylan is above the law.

         This DVD also incriminates Mr. Dylan's lead attorney Orin Snyder of LYING TO THE COURT by
signing his name to declarations stating that I am delusional. Mr. Snyder made this statement in light of the
testimony documented on this DVD which is one hundred percent adverse to Mr. Snyder's statement.

          I was asked by the DOJ âs as a favor to them to  not to file criminal charges against Judge Simandle for
illegally dismissing my law suit against Bob Dylan. They also stated that they would Owe Me One So here's
your chance to live up to your word, and pay me back my favor.

       Note: This is by no means a comprehensive account of the facts in James Damiano Vs Bob Dylan
CV95-4795 JBS.

        Please file this DVD with their original complaint as the 5forJustice are now 6forJustice.

        We stand united in our quest for getting our Constitutional right to a jury trial of our peers.

        I cannot believe that this has gone this far especially since my grand-mother was a senator

        Links to my websites are also provided for reference.


                                                                   James Damiano

                                                                   On behalf of 6forJustice :

                                                                   Carla B. Boone
                                                                   Gregory L. Hudson
                                                                   Rene Caranza
                                                                   Darryl D. Lassiter
                                                                   Troy Walker


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