Lyrics by James Damiano

"I was sitting in a downtown
Village coffeehouse
Listening to the player
strummin the strings
Just wandering somewhere
In a daze of thoughts
among a million other things
he took a break
put down the guitar
Came down off the stage
walked over to my table sat
down to talk said hello
through the haze
Lost days and forgotten years
Washed away from tears
Spoke just ten words
And I knew him well
And everyone of his fears
He claimed to be a Christian
With fierce certainty
believed for sure
He'd be saved through
Made me read the Bible
Wanted me to see
Dragged me into his home
To pray over me
Lost days and forgotten years
Washed away by tears
Spoke just ten words and I
Knew him well
and everyone of his fears
His religion turned to superstition
And he thought he understood
All the wrong there is
In this world to understand
And all there is that's good"

Copyright 2009 James Damiano

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